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Training Compliance

Professional development of one’s staff, however big, is an essential tool in maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s tough commercial environment. But training, for training’s sake, is not a guaranteed solution to upskilling your staff.

Developing a targeted training program that suits both your company, your industry, and your staff will provide an enormous array of benefits that will both keep staff happy, and loyal, as well as drive productivity and bottom-line gains.

Additionally, many companies today have skilled labour shortages that cannot be filled with local employees. Hiring skillled immigrant labor has become a reality for many companies. To regulate this process, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has implemented strict laws requiring sponsor companies to provide professional development training for Australian staff.

The team at SBTCA are experienced in developing training plans to both suit your corporate training needs, and meet any DIAC compliances in order to sponsor skilled labour migrants. You can choose from a variety of skill sets, or individual course units to satisfy your corporate needs.

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