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For Migration Agents

Smarter Business Training recognises the increased demand from Sponsor employers, and skilled labour visa applicants for the provision of suitable corporate training in order to comply with DIAC training benchmarks. Often times potential employees, or their sponsor organisation use the services of registered Migration Agents to assist in sourcing training services to comply.

But not all training providers are the same. As a Migration Agent, your professional credibility is put into the hands of the training companies you recommend your clients and their employers to. Failures by the training provider can bring serious consequences to your clients, and potentially harm the visa process.

Smarter Business Training has developed specific programs to meet the needs of small businesses and their employees in order to comply with DIAC policies. Our flexible delivery modes, experienced staff, selection of suitable courses, and attention to detail means that relevant training is delivered in a timely fashion, with support to the employer in order to demonstrate compliance.

Smarter Business Training can be trusted to handle your client’s requirements with the utmost in customer service and professionalism at all times. Click here to talk to us today about how we can help your clients and their ongoing training needs, and our generous referral program.